Monday, August 15, 2011

It's been a solid month! So much has happened...

JOB:  I got the job!!  After the first interview, I was called back a week later by the manager of the Juniors dept.  She hired me on the spot!  I was so excited and she is just great!  I'm working min. 20hrs a week and able to pick-up shifts to add if wanted.  I love the girls I'm working with and they seem to like me too.  They are all under age 24 LOL but it's what I wanted.  I found out that talk has been going around about some woman who "chose" to work in the juniors dept.   A woman said to me after she was covering a shift in this dept with me and said it wasn't that bad, and I said that's why I wanted to work here, she said, "You're the one who people are talking about" LOL  Love it!!  That's because all the other areas are boring and this area keeps you moving!  Busy as hell, but that's what I like.  Hubby has been wonderful too!  If he gets home before me, dinner is waiting and sometimes a yummy drink.  When I get home late, the dishes are cleaned and things are picked up.  He greets me at the door with the biggest smile and hug too.  We are actually closer then ever, if that is possible.  Ashley even seems more appreciative of me and our time together.  This was a great choice I think.  Plus, I'm not home bored all day feeling lazy LOL

ASHLEY:  In this months time, Ashley has turned 16, got her drivers license, and her first job interview!  This girl is kicking butt!!  Tomorrow she has a second interview and I'm sure she's going to get it.  They want to time her on making a pizza, but on the first interview, they loved her and even told her that she has the "wow factor" going on.  Now that is the biggest compliment ever!  I agree 100% with those words too, because there is no doubt that she does have "it".  My girl is growing up fast!  This week she goes into school as a junior, and is taking some pretty cool classes, such as broadcasting again, leadership, and advanced literature.  There is no stopping this one!

JUSTIN:  He's been at his job for awhile now, still living with my dad, but we are seeing him more on his days off.  He misses being here and I think he's going to find a job here and move back to this area.  All his friends and family are here.  We told him this would happen, but he didn't listen and had to find out for himself.  I get so happy when he surprises us and walks through the door!  I miss him so much when he's gone!  I always ask if he needs anything like clothes, products, anything and he always says no.  I guess the only mothering I can do for him is cook him a favorite meal and give him lots of hugs :)

WEIGHT:  This has been an interesting summer.  I got up to 146lbs, out grew most of my pants and all of my shorts.  I had to buy two pairs of shorts (that was all I was willing to pay for).  Going up a size was horrible to say the least!  I tried out Insanity for a few weeks with hubby, but when he started working outside the home again, that became a yucky thing to do before dinner, so we ended it. I stopped walking or doing anything else too.  While sitting around at home all day, I ate out of boredom.  I felt unhealthy with each passing week and was so happy when I got the job and started being active again and out of the house.  While working, I don't eat as much and I'm always on my feet.  I have lost five pounds because of those changes, but have another ten to go.  Four days ago I started watching what/when I eat to keep the weight loss going.  I eat mostly protein and veggies all day, but come dinner time I will have a starch to keep me satisfied.  So far I don't feel deprived of anything, and because I'm not eating the heavy type carbs all day, if I choose to have a treat, I have it.  I also did some lunges and squats, and some curls to get my muscles back.  I noticed that I am flabbier and I don't like that at all!  I will begin walking again when Ash starts school this week, so I'm hoping things get back to normal.

Well, that's what's going on in Coley's World. 
I will be back soon :)


Maggie said...

You and I are exactly the same when it comes to our sons. lol
I recall when Gena took broadcasting, she loved it. Ashley, is defiantly a special girl. :)

I'm still struggling and have more then 10 lbs to lose. So, wait for me! lol
Its been so hot here, it sucks the life right out of you. I will refocus soon. Glad you're back! I missed reading you! <3

Brit-Man said...

What I would say to you is that you have the understanding not to let this continue to happen to you.

I think you probably know that you were letting yourself in for a bit of a problem to continue to let things slide and I think you may know why your mindset slipped like it did.

The best thing you can do is not chastise yourself and just learn from it, because you don't need to give yourself a hard time when things are going so well.

You daughter is doing well in life because you helped her with your example.

You are a truly beautiful Lady Colette where it really matters on the inside and it's a testament to just what an achievement raising great children is, in light of the fact you don't have any such upbringing like that to look back on.

You deserve to be proud of yourself for everything you have ever done for your children.


GOOD LUCK with everything you are doing and don't be too down-hearted about what you know did, becasue you CAN change things for the better.

You're too capable and knowledgeable to let this sort of thing get to you, so you just need to keep believing in yourself, becasue how ever much your children matter to you, you DO have what it takes to be what YOU need to be to YOURSELF.

Chin up Mrs Amazing and don't stop put the extra in ordinary, because you represent what is possible for the everyday individual, without thme having to do one or more highly memorable achievements.

Your ability to be you and the people your children are, are all wonderful memorable achievements, for you to be proud of.

So keep on pushing and don't stop believing. I'm really proud of you for what you are doing with your life right now and I want you to keep reminding yourself of your current and past achievements, because I want you to be proud of yourself too.

Take care Colette and THANK YOU for being you.

You're ALWAYS a positive light in anybodies life and it's totally appreciated.


Colette said...

LOL M, I'll try to wait ;)
Yep, broadcasting is a fun class. This is Ashley's third year at it and she just keep learning more cool things. Our sons...that's all I'm going to say LOL

Matt, thank you as always for such kind words. Always encouraging and always a friend. Thank you!