Friday, August 19, 2011

Lil Wayne

Ok, I bought two grass seats for the Lil' Wayne concert that is happening next weekend, for Ash and I.  Hubby was worried about it, but after research on YouTube, I saw that there were a lot of white young girls that looked like Ash and her friends there and I asked some people who have been before about it.  The big thing is all the pot that will be going around, but that is to be expected and I'm okay with that.  The reason I say anything about white girls being there is because it shows it's not all gangster like hubby thought.  I figured Lil Wayne is pretty much main stream now, that it would be okay.  A few days after I bought the tickets, my daughter number 2 called the radio station and won two tickets to that concert, but the tickets will be in the seating area....a few hours later, she was the right caller again and won two more tickets!!  So, it looks like Ash and I will also be in the seats and having a blast!  I am super excited now and can't wait to experience this whole show.  I don't know what to expect, but I won't be wearing any jewelry or bringing notice to myself LOL  Next Saturday I will be shaking my ass and singing out loud, and enjoying every minute of it watching my baby girl having a blast too!  I was telling one of the girls at work about the winning and us going, and she was shocked and said that was the last thing she expected from me LOL  See, you should never judge a book by it's cover or it's age ;)


Brit-Man said...

Not my bag really, but have a good time anyway.

Again, I don't know whether it's entirely your thing or not, but obviously it means a lot to your daughter and that's important, regards her maturity and the bond you share, that

A: she still wants to go with you instead of feeling awkward or "not cool" and

B: she doesn't feel the need to sneak off to it, thinking you'd dissaprove and adopt the belief, that she was trying to prove you wrong about her levels of responsibility.

It shows what a beautiful parent you've been, that at 16, she isn't someone who sneaks about and tries to avade the authority, from a so called uncool, overbearing, square old Mum, that doesn't "get her" or couldn't understand, but rather she's someone that recognises you for the warm, kind-hearted caring person you've always been.

It's admissions of how she is growing up and how you both are so close and have a solid Mother Daughter bond, that reiterates my previous comment about what she will be like in the future.

Despite things you had to deal with in your childhood, you are a wonderful human being Collette and it's in some ways a difficult, life story for you, but out of it comes a wonderful marriage and the chance to be everything you deserve to be, which is an excellent wife, Mother and friend of the people.

WELL DONE on clearly giving your daughter 16 years of the best maternal humanity, any child could wish for.

I hope this shared outdoor experience between you, is really enjoyable, because you've earned it for being a fantastic Mother and so has she, for being intelligent enough to value it as it should be valued :-).

I'm feeling very, very proud of you right now and you should be too.

Have a great time, best wishes and don't forget your own self worth.

You are a true Lady and a real, real shining star Coilette.

:-) :-).


Maggie said...

Yes, god heard your fear and allowed Ash's friend to win tickets for you guys to sit elsewhere. :) I must say, you are brave to be going to this type of concert. I don't care how close my girls and I are, I would not have gone and neither would they. lol Then again I'm not much into rap. Last concert I went to was The Eagles with Wayne.

You're a great Mom!! <3

leslie said...

I think you're going to have a blast! But bring earplugs (I'm not kidding). Concert music is way too loud and I'm kinda done with the can't hear anything the next day feeling, you know?

Colette said...

Wow Matt, it seems like i'm always saying thank you for your kind words, but I don't know what other words I could say. You always put a smile on my face and say just the right, I thank you once again for that. As kind of a person you are, I sure hope that you have someone specail in your life who can reap the warmth of your heart.

Hey M, you are funny! I do think the guy above was hearing my worries, but truth be told, I am the one who wanted to go to this concert and asked Ash if she did too. I do love him and the other ones like him. It's my dirty little secret LOL

Leslie, I know I'll have a blast! Maybe I'll enjoy the lack of hearing the next day at work ;) I'm glad you're still reading and back to blogging yourself :)