Monday, August 29, 2011


I'm feeling one of those feelings again that I just don't like feeling!  I feel like something is wrong between my dad and I but not sure.  I just sent him an email so we shall see.  I do get like this and turns out to be nothing, so fingers crossed it is nothing.  We just haven't talked for over a month nor has he come for a visit in a long time.  I called him today, but there was something missing that I can't put my finger on. 

Drama at school is over...for now LOL  It was all because of one of Ashley's old friends who got transferred to her school and was not happy about keep in mind the transfer was a move up, not down so go figure.  Now this friend is complaining that it's boring at this school because there are no fights at lunch.  Really?  How lovely is that train of thought?  Anyway, all is better between them and I sure hope the rest of the year stays that way.

Today I'm feeling weird...maybe that time is around the corner?  I don't know but it's there and I don't like it!  Maybe it's lack of sleep and poor/little eating today?  What every the reason, it needs to stop ;)

Okay, I'm off to fix dinner and then go to work. 
Have a fabulous day/week everyone!!


Brit-Man said...

I'm sure things will be fine. Though perhaps he's going through a minor thing and doesn't want to worry you unnecessarily, otherwise I'd suggest it's nothing, as you say.

Try not to worry too much, keep your chin up and just keep believing that it's nothing to worry about, because more than likely it is.

Good luck and take care.

You're amazing and your Father probably has a tonne of reasons to be proud of you.

:-) :-).


Maggie said...

I have those days too! Glad the drama has calm down for now. lol Did you go to the lil wayne concert yet?