Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Life is Good

Things have a way of working out when you just give it up. 

~Justin came to town Friday-Saturday and we had a very nice visit.  I took Justin out to lunch, then we all went to the mall and dinner as a family, came home and played some games together.  I bought Justin a new pair of shoes, which he finally let me buy him something, which felt great to be able to do.  Yep, it was a wonderful visit and he's ready to move back.  He did not ask to move back home and it took all I had to not bring that option up.  We shall see what happens :)

~That same day that my dad was going to talk to Justin, and before I knew how it went, I found Ashley's facebook account open and saw she had a new message in her inbox.  Something in me felt the need to open it up and I'm glad (kinda) that I did.  There was a conversation between her and her boyfriend that did not sit right with me.  It sounded like he was playing head games with her and then asked if they were going to "do it" this weekend!  WTF?  She is so innocent, she asked what he meant LOL
Bottom line, the plan was to go to a friends house and have sex!  I could tell she wasn't over the moon about this idea, which I was glad, but worried because of how he sounded.  I called hubby right away and told him what I read and we decided to just be honest with her and tell her I read it.  Having something going on with both my kids at the same time was stressful to me, so when dad called within the hour of me finding out about Ashley, it was the relief I needed and was able to just focus on Ashley's situation. 

I had to wait to get home from work (9:30pm) before I could talk to Ash.  I started out saying I wanted to take her to get on the pill, then I told her what I found.  I told her it sounded like he was playing head games with her and that pisses me off.  I told her if she isn't ready, then she shouldn't do it, no matter what.  I also told her I do not like the way he talks to her and it will never change and she can do better.  I let her know her father knows all about it too.  She was embarrassed, but listened.  I told her I wish she would wait 'till she's older, but if she is going to have sex, then promise to wait one month after starting the pill....don't count on a condom...there are tons of people on this earth because of a condom mishap.  I let her know I was scared of her getting pregnant.  She promised.  I also told her she can forget about this weekend...being alone with him will not be happening LOL  So today, I will be taking her to Planned Parenthood and then we will talk about the emotions that come with having sex with someone and how it could change her relationship for the better or for the worse...

Lil' Wayne!  Went to the concert Saturday and it was not at all what I expected!  I knew it wouldn't be a gangster type crowd, since he's mid-stream now and the singers that tour with him are pretty mellow too, but I did not think it would be this laid back!  We got our seats upgraded which was awesome!  The crowd was mostly white and a lot of skater boys were there.  I was surprised to say the least!  There were moms with their daughters, groups of teenagers who look like they went to Ashley's school,  Hispanics and black, but no punks.  There were plenty of weed being smoked and going straight into my face, but I didn't mind...it smelled good ;)
It was great how Lil' Wayne knows he wouldn't be where he is without his fans, and he said that many times throughout the concert.  He also said some stuff that was nasty but funny, which I expected that kind of talk from him.  I'm glad I went and Ash had a blast too.  I would go again for sure :)

Last but not least....I lost another two pounds!!!  I now weigh 138 so I have 8 more to go! 

So, this week turned out to be a great week after all!


Brit-Man said...

That sounded like a very difficult situation Colette. I mean if I were a parent in that situation, I'd be very hesitant to read the message, because it might make my child feel angry that I'd been spying on their private affairs.

The main thing is she understood where you were coming from and that's the Mother you've been all these years, bringing that trust and understanding out in her.

I'm sure she's vey intelligent and capable, so I'm sure she wouldn't get involved with any situation that she knew was wrong or felt wrong.

It's not my place to speak on such matters, but whatever is to come from what remains of this situation, GOOD LUCK and keep trusting in your parental and human abilities and the person that your daughter has become.

She is growing up to be a beautiful and sensible human being, because she has a Mother who is just the same and is a wonderful rolemodel to look up to and be guided by.

GOOD LUCK and best wishes Colette.

You can be proud of yourself for everything you are and everything it means to others.

You've helped to create a strong loving marriage and family unit and coming from the background you had, that is a really fabulous achievement.


:-) :-).


Maggie said...

WOW! I still can't believe how similar you and I are when it comes to our kids. You are a great Mom!! I would have done the same with opening the message. I would like to add about having sex too soon. It not only can get you pregnant but, also changes the whole ball game on your emotions.

I was just asking James today, to let me buy him some clothes. lol I chuckled when I read about the shoes for Justin. lol

Glad you had a great time at the concert. {{hugs}}

Maggie said...

Oh forgot!! Congrats on the weight loss! :)

Colette said...

Matt, the reason i was able to get away with reading her mail and have her not get mad at me was she had logged into my facebook app and left it open. I told her I saw that i had something in my inbox so I opened it, not thinking it was hers. Thank you again for your support and kind words :)

M, we are so much alike it's scary! Maybe we are twins from a different life LOL I would say we are both pretty darn good moms :)